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That’s so You!: Create a Look You Love with Beauty, Style and Grace

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With the help of stories from real women, expert stylist Ginger Burr is your guide on a style transformation journey. Whether you are stuck in a fashion rut or feeling lost because your body has changed but your desire to look good hasn’t, That’s So You can help you:

• tap into your inner beauty

• stop sett ling for a wardrobe that is “good enough”

• let comfort and beauty coexist in your wardrobe

• create your signature style

• dress stylishly and compassionately

• avoid fashion no-nos

• age gracefully, and

• shop successfully

“When it comes to addressing the inner and outer obstacles that prevent women from feeling terrific about how they look, there’s no one more qualified than Ginger Burr. She is a fashion master!”

—Cheryl Richardson, author of New York Times bestsellers Take Time for Your Life and Life Makeovers

“Ginger truly is interested in empowering women and helping every woman develop her own unique style. And, she does it with gentle humor, verve and pizzazz!”

—Jean Kilbourne, author, filmmaker, social theorist

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